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All parts of our gear motors are made of excellent components. This makes sure that all of our products have advantages of : high precision, long lifetime, steady performance. 

E-S MOTOR will be your best DC motors supplier.

DC brush Motors

  Magnet Type: permanent magnet

  Rotation: reversible

  Brush: Metal Electric Brush 
                or Carbon brush

  Bearing : sleeve

  premium repeatable precision; with minimized performance deviation; long lifespan

DC brushless Motors

 Built-in driver, compact size;

 Ball Bearing, steady performance, long           lifetime;

 16 ~ 42mm diameter

 CW/CCW adjusting

 PWM speed adjusting

 Signal output


 Type : spur / planetary / worm;

 Shaft:   stainless steel material;

 Gearing Material: Stainless steel, Excellent corrosion resistance

 Various gear ratios: from 10:1 to 1000:1 are available

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